• P Nitin VSR

Restlessness amid the LockDown and: The Rooftop Remedy

In India, it had all begun on 22nd March ,It had been a week since i had come to my hometown Hyderabad from my university in Kerala, as the government had announced a nationwide lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic. People across the country were told not to leave their homes for a period of 21 days except for essential requirements, I as an individual generally liked to stay indoors by engaging myself in gaming or learning new stuff from the internet or watching anime which was what I mostly did.For some time, everyday was the same to me I would getup late have a brunch open my laptop browse the internet, play PUBG mobile, have lunch, then watch some anime and so on and finally have dinner and sleep late .But this happy and lazy style spending locked up in a house for days had begun to trigger boredom in me and slowly it had grown to anxiety and restlessness.

So fast forwading a few days in the boredom house, I realised that my mind was getting clouded , I felt like my thinking was being hindered, I somehow wanted to get out of this restlessness of mine,so I looked out of the bedroom window and thought, maybe going to the roof top to gaze the birds might help .I made up myself to check that out next day.

The next day early in the morning I woke, and went to the rooftop, as I stepped on to the top a chilling breeze of wind had blown on to my face, I felt awaken,I felt rejuvenated for a moment I felt alive there. From there I saw birds flying and chirping and the distant sunrise as the sun spreads his rays across the land radiating energy , there was no pollution nor any smoke from the roads there was no continuous honking(thanks to covid-19 probably...) not only that when I saw around me I saw that I wasn't the only when enjoying all this there were some people from my neighbourhood as well from varied age groups ,parents, grand parents and children all enjoying the view from their rooftops and not only that but people who were brisk walking early in the morning as a replacement for their daily morning walks in the park, and others practicing yoga and doing surya namaskar.I ,inspired by them, took some time brisk walking and a light workout routine.Thanks to that morning i felt mindful the whole day and kept going to the rooftop since then during these previous days and have been engaging myself in physical exercise daily later I wondered, that COVID-19 had surely had a tough impact in our routines but because of this we should not grow restless we should not let fatigue get on to us.

And So, I started writing this post.

To all the people out there who are feeling exhausted, for those who are feeling restless, because of this lockdown i want to say go out, get to the rooftop of your apartments/houses enjoy the scenario communicate with your neighbours and exercise daily and I wish you find the same rejuvenation that I had felt




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